Wanted to share a few thoughts that are on my mind and get you up to speed on some of the happenings around here:

I can’t believe it’s April! These past few weeks/months have been a whirlwind remodeling our kitchen and feeling like our world was flipped upside down. I’m a nester and like things to be organized, so it’s amazing how off balance I can feel when my home is not in order and things are not where they normally are. Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches on the floor of our basement was fun for a few nights, but after 5 weeks I was ready for a healthy, home cooked meal. While I won’t digress too much about our kitchen remodel, if you’re thinking about doing it I HIGHLY recommend it! The entire process included a lot of decisions (reminded me of planning a wedding), but so worth it. The entire upstairs of our house looks like a new home and my husband and I both wondered why we didn’t do this a year ago. So grateful for our amazing general contractor, his great vendors and a handy husband who knows how the pieces go together, which allows me to focus on the design and details. One of these days I’ll have the kitchen photographed and share the whole story with you.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a client’s 40th Birthday Party that is coming up this Saturday. She and her husband wanted to celebrate in style with an entire “weekend extravaganza” complete with dinner at the Space Needle Friday night, a custom tour of the city Saturday, a rockin party Saturday night and brunch on Sunday for out of town guests. My client has been a joy to work with and has trusted me with the details and design – which is all I could ask for! I finished making the gift bags last night and love how they turned out. I’ll capture some images this weekend and share with you next week.

I’m also looking forward to the Laura Hooper Calligraphy Workshop that we’re hosting next month. I’m teaming up with Rachel from Butter & Bloom to create an inspiring environment for the calligraphy participants at Utina Wardroom. I had the pleasure of taking a mini-version of Laura’s workshop when I attended Trouvaille last Fall, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again. She is so stinking talented! The Seattle workshop is already sold out, but the Vancouver, BC workshop (May 17th) still has space if you want to make a fun weekend out of it and explore Vancouver.

All of these fun Spring activities means that Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait to kick off our wedding season! We have some amazing clients we’re working with and I’m looking forward to seeing their wedding days come to life.

Now back to my to-do list. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and have a great rest of your week!