Whether you’re sitting at a sweet-heart table, head table, or a round, adding a sign to the back of a bride and groom’s chair adds a sweet touch to the wedding reception decor. We’ve pulled together some examples and tips to help you find or create the perfect set for your wedding.

First off, make sure the design fits the theme of your wedding



whether it is rustic and simple or



elegant and ornate.

The signs can also be used as an adorable prop for your photos.



bride and groom

This lower image is from Melissa Gregersen Photography and is one of our favorites. The signs and chairs complement each other in style and theme and we like how they switched it up to “bride” and “groom”. You could also create “husband” and “wife” signs or personalize it with a shared last name.



It might be hard to read, but these signs say “my darling wife” and “my darling husband” – what a sweet sentiment. The greenery around the sign really makes it stand out and look extra gorgeous.

And when in doubt…



keep it simple. We can’t wait to see how bride and grooms use chair signs this summer, now that wedding season has officially begun!