We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this year at my parents house and then sharing a meal with my husband’s family on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. My Mom always lets me decorate the table, so I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this year. I’m leaning towards a more minimalist feel with a cooler color palette. My Mom has a beautiful antique oak table with matching chairs that we’ll use, and then I’ll add her white china dishes, silver cutlery, and decorate with greenery, some light blooms, taper candles and escort cards. I’ve been flipping through our Pinterest Boards, as well as other Thanksgiving inspired images, and wanted to share some table decor inspiration I’ve been loving.





I’d love to know what’s been inspiring you this season. Any particular patterns, textures or color combinations you’ve been drawn to? For more inspiration, and credit for all of the images above, check out our Paper Goods, {Fall Wedding} or Tablescapes boards.